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  Why It Makes Sense to Book With Dream Vacations  


Dream Vacations

Internet Sites

Cruise Line

What is sold

We sell dream vacations, lifetime memories, families sharing valuable time.  We understand that a cruise is not just transportation.

They sell tickets.

Cruise lines want you to have a great cruise experience, but they don’t offer you any choices.  They sell only their brand.

What is personalized service?

Personalized service is part of our basic philosophy.  It’s part of our training.  It’s why we decided to associate ourselves with Dream Vacations.  It’s our commitment to our clients.

There is none.  You order a ticket online and hope for the best.  There is little or no service or advice.  If you have to call, you’ll probably speak to a different agent each time and he or she won’t know you or your preferences.

You will book online or speak to a call center agent.  This agent is only concerned that you’ll buy a cruise from their cruise line.

How is it done?

We take the time to learn your vacation preferences so we can make the best recommendations.  We’re not just selling a ticket to a port.  We understand that there are significant differences among cruise lines and even among different ships within a cruise line.  We know that while some people will be more than satisfied with an inside stateroom, others will require the luxury of a suite.  And while we are usually successful in obtaining the best fare for our clients, we realize that in the end, the cruise experience is the most important thing.

Internet sites are mostly interested in selling tickets and collecting commissions.  Personalized service is not important.

Although the cruise line might want to give you the best service they can, it’s really a “one size fits all” solution.

How do you get the best price?

First, it’s important to know that an increasing number of cruise lines are prohibiting agents from offering discounts.  This is because they want competition to be based on service and not price.  But this has always been CruiseOne’s mode of operation.  Nevertheless, there are legitimate ways that we can use to get you great fares.  One way, for example, is to buy group space on a sailing.  When we do this, the cruise line may offer us a reduced rate or other valuable benefit.  We can then pass this rate advantage on to our clients who are only buying one stateroom at a time.  And we’ll watch the price for you.  If the fare goes down after you’ve made a deposit, we’ll do everything we can to have your rate adjusted down.  Finally, if a client is considering an itinerary that is covered by two equivalent cruise lines, for example, we can suggest the best value for your cruise dollar.

Some will offer you group rates, but you will never get a call from an agent telling you that he was able to lower your fare.  And if they are heavily discounting a cruise when you first book, they can only afford to do this if they cut back on something else.  And what they cut back on is usually service.

Cruise lines can never offer you a group rate for an individual booking.  Also, they cannot compare rates of different lines for the same itinerary.


We want to know that everything went well on your cruise.  And if you had a problem, we want to know about that too.  That way, we can better tailor your next cruise based on this feedback.  We can also use this information for our other clients and share it with our over 1,000 other Dream Vacations agents around the country.

You’re not likely to get a follow-up call from the internet.

If you get a call from a cruise line agent, it will be designed to get you to book again.  Once again, they can never recommend another cruise line, and they won’t even suggest that you avoid one of their ships.

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